How LAY-BUY payment option works


1.Payment Method: Consumer is presented PUT IT ON LAY-BUY in merchant’s checkout, and selects method

2.Confirm Order: Consumer selects down-payment % to pay today, and how many months they want to pay-off the balance

3.PayPal: Consumer is taken to PayPal’s landing page, Consumer pays the down-payment today with their PayPal a/c or their credit card. PayPal then sets up the LAY-BUY payment plan between consumer and merchant. PayPal then sends two email notifications to merchant and consumer. (One for the down-payment and another that a payment plan has been setup) Note: if buyer does not have a PayPal a/c, they will pay with their credit card today and a PayPal a/c is setup for the LAY-BUY payment plan payments

4. The merchant will notify you with a updated delivery date once the final payment is received. No items will be delivered until final payment is made.